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person Lisa Gallagher, PsyD: 

I am a MA & RI licensed psychologist with over 30 years experience in the practice of evidence-based and integrative psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, mediation, meditation, consultation and organizational development. I help psychotherapy clients move beyond stabilization of negative states of mind to actively sustain positive psychological practices to live meaningful and vitally engaged lives. I teach clients the new skills, knowledge and practices they need to sustain positive states of mind and prevent relapse. I am an Approved Consultant for the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and have expertise in behavioral medicine and medical hypnosis protocols to manage physical symptoms and psychological aspects of chronic disease (IBS, IBD, pain, surgery preparation/recovery, skin disorders, nausea & hot flashes, etc.). I use evidence-based treatment approaches for anxiety and depression, grief, trauma, relationships, life transitions and adoption. I am trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Behavioral Medicine, Stages of Change, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Exposure and Response Prevention, Complex Trauma Treatment, Couples & Family Therapy, stress management, and the integration of meditation and yoga with psychotherapy.

Depending on the treatment protocol you need, you may elect to learn any of these skills: psychological flexibility, mindfulness, metacognitive thinking, self-reflection, regulation of emotions/thoughts/sensations, habit change, performance enhancement, exposure and response prevention, values-guided action steps, compassion and self compassion, development of positive self concept/schemas, conflict resolution, relationship skills, effective communication skills, problem-solving, and attachment-informed parenting. I work with clients in an open, engaged, empathic, interactive and collaborative way. We develop, monitor and evaluate your treatment plan together to ensure that you experience our work as focused, meaningful and beneficial.

I have expertise in forensic psychology and mediation. I serve as an Educational Advocate/Consultant, MA GAL and RI Child & Family Evaluator, Parenting Coordinator, and a Clinical Fellow of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. I complete investigations and evaluations, second opinion evaluations and attorney consultation to assist with direct and cross examination.

In my work with larger systems and groups I provide organizational and program development consultation, in areas such as risk assessment (e.g., danger to self and others, inappropriate sexual behavior, professional misconduct), therapeutic program development and continuous quality improvement and outcome measurement. I also run professional consultation groups for professionals, providing training in clinical hypnosis and evidence-based assessment and treatment. I provide professional development, in-service training and workshops at national conferences. I also consult with health care professionals, attorneys, clergy, schools and universities, and law enforcement. Because I am a consultant for the the Sharon, Mansfield & Milton Public Schools and to protect from conflict of interest, I cannot work with students, parents of students or employees of these school systems.

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